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Since they were invented in 1970, Flowforms have been used extensively in farming for mixing and stirring fertiliser preparations.

Lead by New Zealander, Peter Proctor, Biodynamic farmers embraced their use because of their effectiveness and connection with the Earth's rhythmic movements.

Process large volumes of preparations, suitable for all spreading techniques from small pumps to aerial crop spreading techniques.

From small hobby farms to large industrial enterprises.
Ideal for Biodynamic preparations, organic fertilisers and compost teas.

Reduce foul odours in used water.
Process livestock effluent into paddock spray.
Oxygenate & revitalise water.

If you're a farmer considering Bio-dynamics or Organic Farming as a suitable direction for your enterprise, you can't go past Biodynamic Agriculture Australia, the most authoritative membership organisation on the subject.

If you are an existing Bio-dynamic Farmer, you'll most likely be familiar with FlowForm products.

Here, for your convenience, is the full range of Flowform options supplied by Flowforms Australia, suitable for any mixing application, but especially embraced by Bio-dynamic and Organic Farmers.

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Vortex Stirring Kits for large acreage and industrial scale farmers. Available in various configurations for stirring preparations

from 1000 to 2600 litres per hour.

Sprite Stirring Kits for small acreage and hobby farmers. Available in various configurations for stirring preparations

from 100 to 200 litres per hour.


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