The Magnums 43 and 675 – Ceramic Wine Fermentation Equipment for traditional wine making

After more than two years of R & D and substantial investment, Living Water Flowforms is proud to announce the immediate availability of The 675 Magnums; ceramic wine fermentation equipment slip cast Ceramic “Amphora” like vessels for  wine making.

Inspired by Natural Selection Theory, “Project Egg”, and in deference to the astonishing work of Josko Gravner and the great Georgian tradition of making wines in clay “Qvevri”, The Magnums are available in two models; The Magnum 43 for small scale boutique wine makers and The Magnum 675 for larger scale wine making enterprise.

The unique “egg” shape of the Magnums is correctly orientated with the larger section uppermost to maximise pasive convetion and all fittings are 316 stainless steel and are supplied with either Triclover, BSP or BSM threads.

The Magnum 43

The Magnum 43 has a 43 litre capacity and can be supplied with a ceramic base or laminated Tasmanian Blackwood stand. All fixtures are Food grade and the 102mm top opening is be capped with a cork and sealed with beeswax if required. This cork allows for secure placement of the airlock and  thermometer.

The Magnum 675

Arguably the largest slip cast ceramic object ever made, and like it’s smaller counterpart, structural integrity and micro porosity is retained in the 12mm thick walls. The iconic “egg” shape promotes passive convection within, allowing developing wine to “live and breathe”. The geometric shape is derived from sacred geometry not the pentagram.

Carrying 675 litres of liquid, The Magnum 675 is ideally suited to large scale wine making and is supplied with either a BSM or BSP threaded valve.

a toast to ceramic wine fermentation equipment